In Fact It Is Worse: Engaged And Getting Married Or Planning To Jail?

Texas Man Given Sentence By Judge: Get Married, Or visit Jail

More than several men are known to jokingly contact their particular wives “the ol’ baseball and sequence,” or even be mocked a bit by their bachelor party friends for appreciating their “last day’s freedom.”

In the case of a Tx guy however, it was the opposite: engaged and getting married ended up being a get-out-of-jail-free card.

This is where situations had gotten peculiar. The judge, Randall Lee Rogers, supplied Bundy a variety that appears straight-out of a sitcom: He might go to prison for 15 times, which would have price Bundy his task. Or, he could take 2 years of probation, with two noteworthy conditions: included in his probation, he’d need to copy around Bible verses daily, and even more importantly, get hitched within 30 days.

Bundy made a decision to marry their 19-year-old girl, Elizabeth Jaynes, in spite of the probable unconstitutionality from the sentence. 

The bride’s parent informed CNN he had been “really upset,” and is also searching for their choices to attempt to get the phrase overturned. Bundy’s now-wife, Jaynes, told neighborhood section KLTV that she didn’t be sorry for the particular choice getting married, but that “It just decided we had beenn’t gonna be capable have the marriage we wanted.”

That they had a hastily positioned relationship during the courthouse, therefore Bundy stayed off jail, and posted the image below to myspace.

Congratulations (?) on the newlyweds.